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April 16th, 2010

Things have been heating up here at PFP!

  • Need to detect how much water is in your oil?
  • How do you remove dirt or rust from fuel?
  • What is the most efficient air filter for a combustion turbine?

New WS09 Series Oil-Water Sensor

Our WS09 Portable Water Sensor is an ideal, low-cost method for measuring dissolved water content in hydraulic, lubricating, and insulating fluids. WS09 Water Sensor | Precision Filtration ProductsSpecifically designed for use in industrial environments, readings are shown on an LCD screen and can be used as a key component in the predictive maintenance of plant machinery. The WS09 Series Water Sensor features a sensing probe that gets directly immersed in the fluid, water content output in % saturation or PPM, temperature displayed in *C or *F, “plug and play” connectivity, robust housing and sensing probe designs, and is simple to operate and calibrate.

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Effectively Remove Rust & Dirt From Fuel

Rust Removal Filter Elements | Precision Filtration ProductsOur Hydrosorb & Bio-Tek Fuel Filters remove rust and detect water contamination in ULSD, gasoline, and diesel fuel. These filter elements hold three times more particulate (dirt/rust) over any other competitive brand. Corrosion-free, nickel-plated, and epoxy-lined filters available. The standard Hydrosorb spin-on dispenser filters have an original patent design that detects water and filters particulates (rust) at the same time. It has three times more dirt/rust holding capacity over other competing brands. The Hydrosorb absorbent polymer, impregnated within the filter media, will expand to slow the flow dramatically indicating a water problem. Hydrosorb 300 and 400 series filters are available in 10-micron and 30-micron. These filters are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use with all service station pumps and dispensers. Hydrosorb filters are compatible with gasoline, diesel, and ULSD.

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The Most Efficient Combustion Turbine Air Filters

A power plant customer of ours recently requested support with their combustion turbine intake units. It seemed that it was time to replace the intake air filters that protect the CT engines from airborne particulates. Combustion Turbine Intake Air Filter | Precision Filtration ProductsIn order to provide a solution as soon as possible, we recommended our “MV Plus” Combustion Turbine Intake Air Filters. These particular units offer the lowest initial air resistance while maintaining the highest rating of flow efficiency on the market. This means big savings for power plants that operate combustion turbines. Seems like a rather tall claim, you say? Well we can prove it with scientific performance data. We are in receipt of independent lab results which prove that our CT air filters will help you save money more than any other competitor.

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