Two-stage coalescer-separator filter vessels are the primary defense against fuel contamination by water and dirt. The coalescer separator housings contain both first-stage coalescer and second-stage separator cartridges with no internal moving parts. They are designed to meet commercial and military Energy Institute (EI) test specifications.

Our two-stage coalescer separators will continuously remove solids and water contaminants from aviation fuels. Vertical and horizontal housing designs are available with a wide selection of coalescer and separator cartridges to meet specific applications. All are built to ASME Code, Section VIII, with many standard and optional accessories and connections available to facilitate piping and installation requirements.

Looking for a temporary system, check out our Emergency Rental Page to see a list of our Coalescer-Separator Filter Vessels available for short and long term rentals.

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel

  • Interior – Epoxy Coated
  • Exterior – Prime Coated


Coalescer Separators General Description Liquid Separation Application Information Data Sheet
  • Vertical & horizontal configurations available
  • Designed to filter solids and separate water from fuels
  • Easy service and reduced maintenance costs
  • Qualified to 5th Edition of EI 1581, Category C, Type S
  • EI 1596 Design & Construction
  • Built to ASME Code, Section VIII, stamped and certified or "CE" marked
  • Automatic air eliminator
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sampling probe
  • Cartridge hoist assembly
  • Working platform, ladder and handrails on 42" (1067 mm) OD and larger housings
  • Removable bundle design