Our Heavy Duty breathers are designed from materials capable of handling the requirements of the most severe environments. They replace the standard breather cap or vent tube on fuel tanks and fluid reservoirs. Pipe threads on the bottom standpipe make the units easy to install in moments.

The Heavy Duty Breathers attack the cause of contamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs – out of your equipment.

All of our Heavy Duty designs have 2 micron pleated filters and silica gel bags that are easily replaced.

The FACTS…independent studies show, greater than 75% of machine failure is due to avoidable contamination.

Installing a breather will help to increase your efficiency, protect expensive equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. We offer filters designed for a variety of industries and Applications.


  • Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment
  • High Temperatures
  • Corrosive Chemicals