Heater skids are a sub-assembly of a complete Fuel Gas Filtration Packages Skids or Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems, which are used to preheat fuel gas to the desired temperature at specific pressure and flow rate, before feeding to the actual process (or equipment such as Gas operated Turbines, generators or other process applications). This system can also be used for superheating the gas for other industrial applications.

Heater skids are specially designed to monitor and control gas flow with multiple safety features for the risk-free operation, as well as by considering the incoming gas properties along environmental conditions to achieve the desired outlet flow conditions.

Even though each Heater Skid is custom-made to suit respective process specifications, a typical Heater Skid assembly consists of:

  • Electric heater bundle
  • Pressure vessel or housing for the heater bundle
  • Control Panel for the Heater operation control
  • Temperature sensors such as RTD’s, Thermocouples, Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Valves for flow control
  • Power & instrument wiring
  • Skid base for easy installation at site

Note: Additional scope such as extended piping, scrubber installation, instrumentation for flow, pressure and level monitoring, and more can be provided for your specific requirements.

  • Prevents deposits, corrosion, and emissions of contaminants
  • Increases life span and performance of gas turbines
  • Prevents condensation by superheating gas above dew point
  • Up to 99.99% removal efficiency of liquid droplets and other components
  • Minimizes maintenance costs
  • Minimizes energy losses
  • Operational friendly
  • Optimum safety
  • Piping connections for flow and return
  • Terminal box and control panel
  • Terminations for field power and instrumentation cabling