Looking to purchase a high flow Pre-Filter and Coalescer Separator Skid to clean particulate and water contamination from fuel…look no further! PFPUSA can build High Flow Filter Skids to your specifications.  They are ideal from removing particulate and water from your fuel stream at high flow rates.   They are designed for Jet Fuel and other Bulk Fuel Services.

Our Filter Skids range in flow rates from 500 GPM to 4,000 GPM. They are design with the user in mind. They include cat walks for easy element change-outs, along with the sampling ports and differential pressure gauges to confirm your fuel quality.

If you are looking for a short or long term rental, please visit our Rental Page to see a list of our Filter Skid Rental Inventory.  We can provide a total service package. We would be happy to setup and operate the equipment or train your personnel as well.

  • Designed to filter solids and separate water from fuels
  • Easy service and reduced maintenance costs – Cat Walks
  • Containment Built into Skid
  • Qualified to 5th Edition of EI 1581, Category C, Type S
  • EI 1596 Design & Construction
  • Built to ASME Code, Section VIII, stamped and certified or "CE" marked
  • Automatic air eliminator
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sampling probe
  • Water Slug Control Valve

We can supply you with the temporary Cargo Hose, Gate Valves, Tees, Elbows, Pump, Portable Containment, and many more to provide you a complete turnkey set up. We have service crews available to set up, monitor, and breakdown the temporary systems as well.

Give us a call to discuss your application…888-679-6645!