Dust Collector Mods Support Domestic Defense

May 9th, 2024

I received a new referral from a manufacturer that we represent. This new prospect was a metal fabrication company that does work in the military defense industry, right here in Pennsylvania. My contact at the company, Jeff, was the plant manager.

They had a dust collector that was left sitting idle for a few years. Jeff explained that it needed a new controller, general service, and some customizations… He explained that they wanted to add a timer to automatically turn the unit on in the morning and off at the end of the shift.

Under my direction, our service team conducted an on-site survey of the dust collection system, which ultimately resulted in us proposing the following:

Dust collector control unit electrical schematicIn order to get all this done, Jeff provided me with a schematic of the dust collector control unit, so I had our electrician modify the schematic to incorporate the timer. In the end we supplied all the necessary products, and our team performed the on-site service that got the unit back online with a their desired improvements.

Needless to say, Jeff was happy. The dust collector was operational when the crew started in the morning. It ran a little beyond the end of the work day to ensure that the filters were pulsed and that all debris made it to the hopper prior to shutting down.

Once again another success story from the field of filtration…

Do you have any questions about dust collectors or air filtration? Feel free to contact us and ask to speak with me directly!

— Chris, Engineering & Technical Sales

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