High-Flow Turbulent Oil Flushing Service

We have the equipment and the expertise to perform on-site oil flushing and oil reclamation services. Our technicians have the knowledge required to service your equipment and ensure that you hit your target ISO Cleanliness Codes.

Examples of our oil filtration and fuel flushing services:

  • Airport Pipeline & Hydrant Flushing Services
  • High Velocity Lube Oil and Fuel Flushing Services
  • Pipeline Pigging & Flushing Services
  • Cooling Tower Flushing Services


Custom OEM MFG & Design

In addition, we manufacture replacements of OEM products, using either the same design or your own custom design. Contact us today with your inquiry!

Private Label / Drop-Ship Program

Through our Private Label Program, we can custom label all of your parts with your company logo and your contact information. This will save you time and money, knowing that your parts will be received already labeled and ready to go – NO need to re-label! We can also drop-ship directly to your customers. All parts leave our warehouse with your company information: address, logo, part numbers, etc. Your customers will never know we even exist!

Additional Services

  • Varnish Removal Services
  • Dust Collector Installation & Cleaning Services
  • Fabrication & Welding Services
  • On-site Consulting, Training, & Support

Gearbox and Hydraulic Oil Change-Out Program

With our Wind Turbine Fluid Services we offer a Gearbox and Hydraulic Oil Change-Out Program to help protect your fluid systems against failure due to poor oil quality.

Examples of our oil change and fuel filtration services:


Equipment Reconditioning / Refurbishing Program

Our Reconditioning / Refurbishing Program allows you to increase the service life of your equipment. Through blasting and re-coating, your filtration equipment will come back looking brand new and ready for many more years of service.

Filter Cleaning and Refurbishing

Cost-effective cleaning and refurbishing solutions for expensive sewn-end and molded-end filter elements for various large scale, industrial, and commercial applications.

Filter Commodity Consolidation

Consolidate your filter purchases to one reliable source with significant savings on all of your filter commodity purchases. We also offer your company a customized inventory control for just-in-time delivery.

On-Site Filter Surveys & Total Filtration Management

We visit your facility and then identify and catalog filters in your inventory. We provide competitive pricing on ALL filtration products that you use.