These coalescing filters are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel, designed, constructed in accordance w/ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Any model can be modified to fit your needs.

They come in standard connection sizes from 1” to 12”. NPT or raised face flanges (RF) in-line connections are standard. Alternate orientations & sizes are available upon request.

Materials of Construction

Enameled Carbon Steel
304 Stainless Steel

Housing Model No.Conn. SizeConn. TypeCover StyleDimensions in InchesWgt. Lbs.
ODOHCServ. Space
C175-MT-0151.5”MPTSwg Blt6-5/828161680
C175-MT-0202”MPTSwg Blt8-5/8301616110
C175-RF-0303”Flg.Swg Blt8-5/8392024130
C175-RF-0404”Flg.Swg Blt10-3/4432024200
C175-RF-0606”Flg.Swg Blt12-3/4522426280
C175-RF-0808”Flg.Swg Blt16672836475
C175-RF-10010”Flg.Blind Flg.20743236750
C175-RF-12012”Flg.Swg Blt24823639900


Coalescing Filter Vessels to 175 PSIG
  • Intake Air Flows to 40,000 SCFM Std.
  • ASME U Stamp Std., National Board Registered
  • Exceptionally Low ∆P, High Flow
  • Pleated Element Design – Exceptional Useful Filter Area
  • Hinged Swing Bolt Closure, Easy Access, O-Ring Seal
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Standard
  • ∆P Taps Standard
  • Carbon Steel leg supports
  • Gauges
  • Special Finishes
  • Other Materials of Construction