These are our terms and conditions for international customers that wish to pay with a financial or legal base located outside of the United States. We will provide price quotations only upon agreement with these terms. These conditions are subject to change at any time. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Accepted Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer, paid in full (Note: We may accept a percentage of the total in order to start the order process, however no merchandise will be shipped until payment is received in full.)

Payment Procedure: We will provide our bank information immediately AFTER we receive a purchase order. THEN we must receive payment BEFORE we ship any merchandise.

Minimum Order Amount: USD $100.00

Bank Wire Transfer Fee: USD $40.00 (to be paid with final order; for paying associated bank fees and the extra internal accounting required)

Shipping & Handling Fee: USD $100.00 (to be paid with final order; for processing and shipping preparation, filling out customs declaration forms, etc.)

Price Quote Expiration: Thirty (30) calendar days (Note: Some exceptions may be made if explicitly requested, which will depend on the product of interest and the company making the request.)

Warranty/Guarantee: For the products that we distribute, we extend the manufacturers standard warranty. The products that we offer are OEM or OEM equivalents (direct interchanges). These items may have some aesthetic differences but are guaranteed to work in form, fit, and function. However, we HIGHLY recommend that the customer provide us with a sample and/or a specification sheet prior to ordering in order to ensure accuracy for the particular application.

Return Policy: We do NOT accept returns on international shipments.

Shipping Policy: EXW (Ex Works) Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. We will provide shipping weight and dimensions, but only AFTER we receive a purchase order. We can also provide a separate shipping price quote, however we will only provide such a quote AFTER we receive payment for a product. Therefore, in order to receive the best service and cost, we HIGHLY prefer and recommend that the customer coordinate the entire delivery process (pickup, shipping, delivery, payment) with their own preferred shipping company.

Lead Time: Please note that depending on the product that is requested, and if we are working with a larger vendor, it could take up to a few weeks for us to provide a formal price quote. Also note that our price quotes includes our standard lead time, so if you need to receive the products sooner, please contact us to expedite the process.