These are the standard spin-on filter elements that we use in most of our mobile/portable equipment, including the SFC Spin-On Filter Cart and the SFP Spin-On Filter Panel System.

Features and Benefits

  • BETA 1000 Rated per ISO 16889 Standards
  • Water Removal Filter Elements also available
  • Viscosity Range: ISO Viscosity Range of ISO VG22 to ISO VG68
  • Operating Temperatures: Nitrile (Buna): -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C) / Fluorocarbon (Viton): -15°F to 200°F (-26°C to 93°C)

Filtering Oil With Spin-On Filter Elements

New oil is typically not clean oil, and might not be suitable for use in hydraulic and lube systems. During the production and transportation process new oil collects high levels of solid contaminant and water.

A common ISO code for new oil is 24/22/19. New oil is one of the worst sources of particulate contaminant system ingression. Our spin-on filter elements will effectively remove free water while capturing particulate with high efficiency. Free and dissolved water in hydraulic and lube systems leads to accelerated abrasive wear, corrosion of metal surfaces, increased electrical conductivity, viscosity variance, loss of lubricity, fluid additive breakdown, bearing fatigue, and more. We can offer a wide range of spin-on filter element combinations to tackle any challenge.