The PODS portable oil diagnostic system and liquid particle counter provides instant, proactive and predictive maintenance information immediately.  Sample your low or high viscosity fluids and report the data to ISO, NAS, or SAE standards.  Intuitive. Immediate. Reliable.

PODS Inventory

(Please note, we are continually adding to our fleet. If you don’t see what you need here, give us a call with you requirements and we help you determine the best possible equipment required to solve your problem.)

Model #:Description:
PODS-001PODS - Portable Liquid Particle Counter
PODS-002PODS - Portable Liquid Particle Counter
PODS-003PODS - Portable Liquid Particle Counter
PODS-004PODS - Portable Liquid Particle Counter


Selecting Target IS O Cleanliness Codes Understanding ISO Codes
  • Stop paying someone else for data - fast Results in the field - Sample and report particle counts in less than a minute.
  • No training or instrument expertise required - The PODS is so easy to use, there is no training required.  Simply turn the PODS on and get your data now.
  • Manage all your applications for any fluid and reporting standards - Bottle or on-line sampling up to 424 cST and 8 channels of liquid particle counting data. Supports ISO 4406, NAS 1638 and user-defined tests to both MTD, ACFTD, and ISO11171 particle counting standards.
  • Accuracy, reliability and quality - Determine your machines operating condition with lab results in the field, the PODS liquid particle counter offers point-of-use lab accuracy in the field.