Our PFC Pneumatic Flushing Skid is a dual stage mobile filtration system is designed with a pneumatic pump and is ideal for applications where electrical connections are not preferred. These types of portable filter carts are ideal for filtering high-viscosity lubrication and hydraulic oils.

The PFC Flushing Skid will help protect your fluid systems against failure due to poor oil quality. It will allow you to meet or exceed your target oil cleanliness codes per ISO 4406. Our Pneumatic Flushing Skid utilizes a positive-displacement pneumatic pump, similar to our PFC Pneumatic Filter Cart, that transfers fluids by movement of diaphragms driven by compressed air. The large filter housings are used as pulsation dampeners which acts as an air cushion to adjust to and absorb any pulsation.

The PFC Pneumatic Flushing Skid is designed with the operator in mind. It is custom made to your specifications.  From flow rate to flow meters to temperature gauges, we can meet your needs.

  • Dual Stage
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Pneumatic Pump = Variable Flow Rates
  • Explosion Proof