We represent the largest manufacturers of commercial, industrial, and residential air filtration products and systems. We offer products in every category of air filters from disposable panel filters and pleated filters to high efficiency extended surface filters and HEPA filters. A wide variety of filters for specialized applications is also available, including paint over spray collection, lint and ink mist collection, turbo machinery air intake filters, gas phase adsorption and dust collection.


  • Panel Filters – Disposable panel filters with fiberglass and synthetic media. Ring panels, links and slip-ons. Permanent metal filters.
  • Pleated Panel Filters – Pleated filters, heavy duty pleated filters, side access filters. Pleated filters for high temperature, U.L. Class 1, high efficiency applications.
  • Extended Surface Pocket Filters – Medium and high efficiency pocket filters made with microglass fiber and electrostatically charged synthetic medias.
  • Extended Surface Rigid Cell Filters – Rigid cell filters made with high loft microglass and dual layer microfine synthetic media. High capacity and high temperature models available.
  • HEPA Filters and Cleanroom Products – Mini-pleat and separator style HEPA and ULPA filters, high capacity HEPA cartridges, replaceable filter and disposable ducted ceiling modules, fan / filter units, and HEPA capsule filters.
  • Gas Phase Adsorbers – Ultra high efficiency gas phase adsorbers, disposable panel filters, activated carbon pleated panel filters, extended surface filters, replacement trays and elements, carbon filter housings.
  • Foremarket Products – Filter holding frames, side access housings for HVAC and HEPA filter installations, activated carbon side access housings.
  • Self-Supported Pocket Filters – Multi-pocket filters and cube filters.
  • Paint Spray Booth Filters – Intake panel filters, ceiling diffusion medias, paint arrestor medias.
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters – Prefilters and final filters for barrier filter systems. Cartridges for self-cleaning systems.
  • Internally Supported Filters – Air filter elements for use in Farr HP Series systems.
  • Residential Air Filtration Products – Replacement filters for Trion Air Bear and Honeywell media air cleaners.
  • Filter Media and Frames – Polyester and fiberglass medias, Permalast media made from latex coated natural fiber media, foam media.
  • Automatic Roll Filter Media – Replacement rolls for auto roll equipment, synthetic and fiberglass medias.
  • Specialty Media and Filters – Select from a variety of media and filters for specialized equipment or applications including lint and ink mist collection.
  • Antimicrobial Filters – Polyester media, ring panels and links, pleated panel filters, high efficiency rigid cell box filters and extended surface pocket filters. These air filters are treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent growth on the media.


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