Precision Filtration Products (PFP) particulate filter cartridges provide efficient filtration of fluids in a wide variety of applications, particularly in water based fluids. This range of reliable filter cartridges is used to remove particulate from a broad range of process streams including water based fluids, chemicals and petroleum based fluids. The high performance filter media used in FIS Series filter cartridges will not soften or pre-maturely plug in water based fluids unlike filter cartridges that use cellulose based filter media.

Our particulate filter cartridges are manufactured using proprietary combinations of polyester and micro-fiberglass filter media to achieve the desired removal rating. The pleated filter media in the FIS Series cartridge is supported by epoxy coated wire to ensure mechanical stability. The use of synthetic and non-woven filter media results in significantly higher dirt holding capacity than similar cartridges that rely solely on cellulose filter media. As a result of their innovative design, FIS Series cartridges deliver higher flow rates at lower initial pressure drops and longer on-stream life cycles when compared to conventional cellulose filter cartridges of equal efficiency.

Electro-tin plated, spiral center cores and electroplated end caps are standard components. Special configurations are available with a rigid outer cage for increased mechanical strength.


  • Synthetic medias provide high efficiencies, superior strength and durability
  • Superior performance in water based fluids, resulting in longer life
  • Extended surface area for maximum dirt-holding capacity and long life
  • One piece construction reduces downtime, cartridge change-out costs and eliminates filter bypass concerns
  • Retention ratings available from 0.5 to 40 microns
  • Electro-tin plated components help prevent rust and corrosion
  • A variety of adhesives and gasket materials offer a wide range of compatibility


  • Amines
  • Chemicals, Resins, and Solvents
  • Coolants
  • Cooling and Process Water
  • Glycols and Glycol Solutions
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Lube Oils and Seal Oils
  • Oil and Water Filtration
  • Petroleum Refining Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper Industry