The LPA3 portable liquid particle counter is the industry’s fastest and most intuitive portable liquid particle counter in the world.  Receive immediate oil analysis laboratory grade particle counting results in the field when you use one of our Portable Liquid Particle Counters. These counters offers multiple channels of accuracy ensuring your view the entire particle contamination profile and protecting the equipment from contamination failure.

Whether you are working in the lab or in the field, the LPA3 portable particle counter delivers a fast, accurate, and comprehensive hydraulic health check in a robust yet portable package, and measuring all international standards, as well as moisture and temperature measurement. Its real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance safeguards machinery, enhances performance and productivity, and reduces costs and unplanned downtime.

Featuring the latest breakthroughs in optical and photodiode technology, our portable particle counters enhance the reliability and longevity of complex hydraulic systems and is ideal for systems quality control in in-house manufacturing applications.



PFP LPA3 particle counter - full PDF brochure Understanding ISO Codes Target ISO Cleanliness Codes
  • Accuracy - Using the latest LED optical technology, the LPA particle counter is extremely accurate at the 4, 6, and 14 micrometer size channels
  • Mobility - Highly durable and yet perfectly portable, weighing in at just 22 pounds
  • Analysis - Realt-time monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Speed - High-speed sample times, over 16 times faster than the previous LPA2 model
  • Efficiency - Slashes cost and downtime, protects machinery and rapidly pays for itself
  • Usability - Sophisticated yet simple to use, the LPA3 can be mastered without formal training