Our new and improved melt-blown filter cartridges are designed for higher efficiency and fewer change-outs. The extensive research invested in the development of this filter has resulted in a superior filter cartridge that works better and lasts longer. The exclusive manufacturing process thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibers. Lower density fibers are at the surface and sequentially higher density fibers are used toward the center, therefore particles are trapped more evenly throughout the entire cross section.

The standard series is a nominally rated filter that works well as either a pre-filter or final filter in a wide range of applications including industrial, chemical process, food/beverage, cosmetics and water applications.


  • Greater dirt holding = longer life
  • Fewer filter change-outs
  • No fiber migration
  • 100% polypropylene
  • High flow rates with lower pressure drops
  • Easy disposal (incinerates to non-volatile trace ash)
  • Supports a wide range of industrial and chemical applications
  • Competitive pricing