Flow Rates: From 1 to 50 GPM

A Varnish Removal System, also known as a Varnish Absorption System, will enable you to effectively remove both soluble and suspended varnish from your lube oil, improving overall equipment reliability and saving you money. Utilizing the two leading technologies for varnish mitigation (granular adsorbent media and depth media filters), the system provides versatility and performance unmatched by any other system on the market today.

Varnish (also known as lacquer, sludge, or tar) is a detrimental by-product of oxidation, additive drop-out, and thermal degradation of lube oil. Certain system designs and operational conditions (such as high oil temperature, electrostatic spark discharge, high oil flow rates, etc.) contribute to the rapid formation of varnish in oil. In severe cases, varnish tends to “plate out” on the metal surfaces within a lube oil system, and if left unchecked, the build-up of varnish deposits on servo valves and other critical components can lead to “stiction,” inefficient operation of rotating equipment, higher operating temperatures, and premature failure.

With our varnish removal systems, you can remove soluble varnish from warm oil and suspended varnish from cool oil. in most cases, varnish and other soft contaminants can be removed from the oil using absorption filtration and the oil can be returned to service. We offer adsorption both as the primary mechanism for varnish mitigation, as well to increase performance. Our systems typically include four proven methods of removing problematic varnish, including electrostatic separation.


Varnish Removal System
  • Removes both soluble and suspended varnish from your lube oil
  • Can reduces varnish down to as low as 15 MPC
  • Reduces particulate down to as low as ISO 4406 16/13/10
  • Turbine lube oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Fryquel EHC fluid
  • Paper machine oil
  • Compressor oil
  • Combination Kidney Loop Filtration
  • High performance particulate removal
  • High varnish holding capacity
  • Various flow rate options from 1 to 50 GPM.
  • Simple Control Systems