DID YOU KNOW? Chlorine used by water treatment plants can react with other contaminants to form even more dangerous byproducts, which can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin while showering and enter the bloodstream.*

What’s in your water? Municipal/City water may contain many of the harmful contaminants you are concerned about. Typically water municipalities add disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines to reduce illness-causing bacteria in your water. Unfortunately, the byproducts they produce can pose serious health concerns. There are also other dangerous toxins, such as pesticides and industrial contaminants, which are not normally removed by water treatment plants.

The Toxin Shield+ is the perfect whole house filtration system to catch the contaminants like chlorine & chloramines, pesticides, industrial chemicals, VOCs, disinfection byproducts and more that make it past your water treatment plant. It will improve the taste, feel, and safety of your water.

Installing a Toxin Shield+ whole house filtration system will provide you with a steady supply of clean, fresh water. It has a 5-year maintenance cycle, so maintenance is very low.

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Reduces Many Types of:

  • Chlorine & chloramines
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Perchlorates
  • Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)
  • Petroleum Products
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Hormone mimickers
  • And many more

HOW IT WORKS (Schematic)

  • In Service – Untreated water enters the filter. Chlorine, chloramines and other contaminants are trapped in the natural media while dissolved oxygen is added to the water.
  • Backwash – Upward flow of water lifts the filter bed, removing trapped contaminants and increasing the life of the media.
  • Regeneration – Air injection system naturally regenerates the media without the use of chemicals.
  • Fast Rinse – Filter bed is packed down to prepare for the next filtration cycle.

*Richardson, Susan D. 2007. “Water Analysis: Emerging Contaminants and Current Issues.” Analytical Chemistry. 79(12): 4311-4312


Toxin Shield+ System
  • Protects against common unregulated toxins
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines that cause skin irritation and dryness
  • Uses only air, ozone and water in the regeneration cycle – no chemicals or salt
  • Clean Media Technology extends the life of the filtration media and prevents bacteria growth inside the tank
  • Protects bathing, showering and cooking water against common toxins that can be absorbed through the skin an inhaled in moist air
  • Provides a steady supply of clean, fresh water with maintenance only every 5 years