Most Efficient Combustion Turbine Air Filters On The Market

April 8th, 2010

ATTENTION: Upgrading combustion turbine intake air filters saves power plants thousands of dollars!

  • Have you noticed your turbine efficiency decreasing?
  • Have you found contaminants entering your engines?
  • Have you had concerns about maintaining air purity standards?

The solution may be easier than you think…

Combustion Turbine Intake Air Filter

A power plant customer of ours recently requested support with their combustion turbine air intake units. It seemed that it was time to replace the intake air filters that protect the CT engines from airborne particulates. In order to provide a solution as soon as possible, we recommended our “MV Plus” Combustion Turbine Intake Air Filters. These particular units offer the lowest initial air resistance while maintaining the highest rating of flow efficiency on the market. This means big savings for power plants that operate combustion turbines. Seems like a rather tall claim, you say? Well we can prove it with scientific performance data. We are in receipt of independent lab results which prove that our CT air filters will help you save money more than any other competitor.

Combustion Turbine Intake HousingIn order to conduct the tests, an independent lab compared our MV Plus CT filter to a similar filter model of a major competitor brand. (Click here to download the PDF document of the full test results.) The tests were made according to standard EN 779:2002 /1/. The test aerosol was DEHS and the bipolar aerosol charger (neutralizer) was a radioactive Am-241 source. The particle counter was of type PMS LAS-X. The filter material discharging tests were made on a complete filter. Discharging was made by loading the air filter with diesel engine exhaust gas. The air flow rate was measured with a calibrated orifice plate with corner pressure tappings. The orifice plate had been calibrated against an orifice plate built according to ISO Standard 5167:1980 /2/. The independent laboratory was accredited to perform measurements according to EN 779:2002.

To find out more about this novel “MV Plus” CT intake air filter technology and how it can help you save time and money, contact us today!


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