Custom, modular dehydration system for turbine lube oil conditioning

March 23rd, 2022

A power customer reached out for help with an oil quality problem. Their original Bowser turbine lube oil conditioning system was no longer functioning properly and was in need of replacement. After getting application details, we proposed a 20 GPM vacuum dehydrator with an automatic condensate water drain as a replacement for the Bowser system.

The challenge was a very restricted pathway to permanent location for the dehydrator. Our solution to this challenge was to build the dehydrator in 3 pieces that would be assembled on site after those pieces had been moved through the restricted pathway to the permanent location. The customer placed the order for this proposed modular system and added contacts for remote alarm monitoring of the system in the control room. While the dehydrator was on order, the customer rented a 20 GPM dehydrator from us, to ensure that their oil would remain in required operating condition, upon removing the old Bowser system.

The modular dehydrator was built and tested before being disassembled and shipped to the customer in 3 pieces. Our service crew worked with customer’s employees to move the modular pieces to the final assembly point and our crew assembled and tested the dehydrator to ensure everything was functioning properly before handing off the dehydrator to the plant. The dehydrator has been performing in accordance with customer expectations.

— Paul, Technical Sales

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