Coolant Filter Skid Rescues Steel Fabricator’s Plasma Cutter

December 30th, 2010

When it comes to steel fabrication, what is the most critical aspect? The quality of the weld! Our liquid filter team was recently contacted by a structural steel fabricator who had an issue with the quality of their steel welds. For some reason, they were consistently noticing pits and aesthetic imperfections.

Plasma Cutter Coolant Filter Skid

50-GPM Two-Stage Coolant Filter Skid

Upon further inspection, the steel fabricator found out that the weld imperfections were caused by poor cleanliness of the fluid used to cool the plasma cutting machine. As the sheets of steel (1-inch thick) were rolled over a water-based coolant bed (17,000-gallon capacity), the plasma cutter would burn through the steel like butter, but during the process the coolant became contaminated with metal fragments and fine particles. The particles in the coolant were actually causing pits to form in the welds, which adversely affected their strength and integrity.

So how did the steel fabricator solve this issue? They installed our custom permanent two-stage filter skid to continuously circulate and filter the plasma cutter’s coolant. The proper filter medium effectively removed the contamination, increased the quality of the coolant, and eliminated the welding issue. In addition to improving the quality of the welds, the 50-GPM coolant filter skid also increased the life of the coolant, thus minimizing the maintenance costs and reducing the time needed to repair poor fluid quality.

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