Chemical Company Conquers Contamination of Lube Oil Reservoir

March 5th, 2014

PFP's SFC spin-on filter cart for hydraulic oilI called on Brian one day, plant engineer at a chemical company on the east coast that manufactures adhesives for industrial manufacturers and end users. Unfortunately water and particulate had contaminated the lube oil system of multiple heavy machines that they operated. It appeared that the contamination was coming from a poorly sealed oil reservoir that was located outside of the facility, exposed to the natural elements of the four seasons. The contamination became a major issue because it was causing the failure of various servo-valves, thus shutting down their production lines, a major business disaster. They really needed a quick way to filter the lube oil without spending too much time or money in the process. I offered to visit them on site to see if one of our rental filter units could help them out.

During the time that I spent visiting Brian at the plant I discussed with him how exactly the lube oil system worked. We then determined which were the most critical mechanical components that come in contact with the lubricating oil. This allowed us to establish a base target ISO 4406 cleanliness code. We determined the proper flow rate to create a kidney loop for the oil reservoir. I also recommended that the they change to desiccant breathers on their reservoir and that they add better seals. Based on their necessity for portability and their oil system’s capacity I recommended that they rent our 5-GPM SFC spin-on filter cart, with which we were to include filter elements that both absorb water and also filter out particulate down to 1 micron in size.

Within a few days after delivering our SFC to Brian’s team, they utilized the filter cart to filter all the oil in the reservoir. Afterwards they also installed desiccant breathers as I recommended to them during my site visit. The final oil analysis lab test results showed that oil had been significantly reduced in moisture content and that the achieved their target ISO cleanliness level for the particulate, more so than they originally anticipated. Brian and his company are now happy with our service. We really find pleasure in providing successful results such as these!

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