Fast fuel cleanliness measurement in the field

June 28th, 2023

When fueling equipment that is deemed critical for a project, it is important to make sure that the fuel is clean and dry, to ensure that the engine and fuel system are protect and prevent any unforeseen issues or failures that would cause delays, even when utilizing brand new fuel.

When a customer reached out to us, looking to ensure that their fuel met an ISO cleanliness code specified for their project, a project that would be occurring in the next week, we were happy to assist. With the filtration that they had on-site, they felt that they were able to achieve the results needed, but they did not have the means to verify their fuel’s cleanliness, which was required for their project.

In-line digital particle counterThey could not wait for an independent lab to run analysis on samples, and needed a solution that would report in the field. By using one of the in-line particle counters that are readily available in our rental fleet, we were able to ensure that the customer had a unit on-site in time for their project.

Our rental particle counters are easy to utilize, and designed to be utilized in the field/industrial environments while quickly and accurately reporting a laboratory count. Our units are able to report the cleanliness in all international standards, along with the moisture and temperature, with the push of a button. They can be utilized in-line, or with pulled samples, depending on the project.

By reviewing the particle counts throughout their filtration and prior to fueling the on-site equipment, the customer was able to see clear results as the number of particles were reduced in the samples over time. With the built-in relative humidity sensor, they were also able to show that the fuel did not have any moisture issues. Utilizing the on-board printer, they printed out physical receipts of the counts that they could share with management to ensure all levels communicated and were aware of the fuel quality.

Overall, the customer was able to complete the project without any issues, and was happy to have real-time results of their filtration efficiency, and the cleanliness of their fuel after filtration.

We carry a robust rental and service fleet with a broad range of equipment to fit your project’s needs. Our experienced rental and service team are always ready to help. Reach out to us at any time, and we will be happy to help with your next project.

Do you have any questions or comments about fuel quality measurements or about fuel filtration?

Give us a call and ask to speak to me directly, or send us an RFQ and mention my name.

— Karl, Inside Sales Manager

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