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Friday, October 18, 2019  

High-Flow Turbulent Oil Flushing Service

Precision Filtration Products has the equipment and expertise to perform on-site oil flushing and oil reclamation services. Our technicans have the knowledge required to service your equipment and to ensure that you hit your target ISO cleanliness codes.

Whether your goal is to pre-condition a new system or clean out a line due to failure, we can help!


100 GPM Oil Flushing | Precision Filtration Products

Having trouble achieving General Electric's Turbine Start-Up specifications or Caterpillar's CAT5 requirements?

Our filtration systems can achieve an ISO oil cleanliness level of 14/12/9 within minutes.


Oil Flushing Frame | Precision Filtration Products
We have a fleet of systems with flow rates ranging from 1 GPM to 6,000 GPM. We can rapidly clean your system's fluid and internal piping via high-flow turbulent oil flushing.

As part of our oil flushing service we provide on-site oil analysis where we verify that your system is clean. After a full oil analysis, you will receive a formal report documenting the results.

Whether the contamination is particulate, water, acidity, or anything else, we have system to correct the problem.

If you choose to perform the flushing with your in-house personnel, we offer on-site training, as well as the rental filtration equipment to meet your requirements.

Oil Flushing Trailer | Precision Filtration Products


Hydraulic Oil Pneumatic-Powered Filter Cart | Precision Filtration Products
Vacuum Dehydrator | Precision Filtration Products
Bag Catridge Filter Housings | Precision Filtration Products
Quad Filter Bag Housing | Precision Filtration Products
Mobile Filtration Systems | Precision Filtration Products

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