Success Story: Power Plant Saves Money Filtering Water

April 27th, 2010

WARNING: Failure to maintain quality feed water can be costly!

  • How does RO water treatment affect your bottom line?
  • Have you been adding coagulants to your RO treatment process?
  • Are you experiencing reduced water plant capacity?

The solution may be easier than you think…

In 2006, EnCana’s Cavalier Power Plant found itself unable to provide enough quality feed water to its RO units. Pall Aria AP-4 Water Filtration System | Precision Filtration ProductsThe inlet water had very high levels of sub-1μm particles as well as an immeasurable high SDI. The multimedia filters that were in place at the time were simply not capable of producing water of sufficient quality or quantity. The multimedia filters also required the addition of costly chemical coagulants. (Click here to read the 2-page story.)

Experiencing rapid RO fouling and reduced water plant capacity, Cavalier was forced to resort to the expensive measure of trucking in DI water from another plant. How did they solve this dilemma? Pall’s Aria AP-Series Micro-Filtration System.

The level of small particles fouling the RO units, which could not be removed by the current filters, clearly indicated that a new technology was needed. After an extensive evaluation, Cavalier believed that MF/UF was the best solution. After a trial unit was installed and producing water, the station was able to immediately maximize its MW supply to the power grid. The Cavalier plant was so satisfied with the results that a second AP-4 unit was ordered shortly thereafter.

The most important benefit of this system was that it rendered obsolete the original cooling water side stream multimedia filters. Pall Aria AP-Series Water Filtration System | Precision Filtration ProductsThese units used an excessively high volume of water for their backwash, creating a lot of waste. Also, the old filters were not capable of removing fine solids (sub 10-micron), so Cavalier’s cooling water solids loading was weighted heavily with fine particulate. The AP-4 units reduced cooling tower waste water quantity and increased cooling water quality. The cost of water treatment for the 12 months prior to installing the Pall Aria system was $0.99/MWh, $0.25/MWh of which was spent on multimedia filter coagulant. The addition of the micro-filters allowed Cavalier to discontinue the use of coagulant, which meant a bottom line savings of nearly 25%!

To find out more about Pall’s Aria Water Filtration System and how we can help you save time and money, contact us today!


The Team at Precision Filtration Products

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