Power Plant Purifies Oil-Water Emulsion

December 27th, 2023

A power-generation company reached out to us with an urgent request for filtration equipment that could remove water from oil in one of their compressors that had 300 gallons of emulsified oil and water.

10-GPM vacuum dehydratorI proceeded to converse with their plant maintenance and engineers to determine that a 10-GPM vacuum dehydrator would be the most appropriate solution for their needs. In addition to the ability to remove water contamination, we also included a 3-micron micro-glass filter element, with a Beta-1000 retention rating, in order to remove particulate contamination as well. Due to the urgent need, our team was able to ship the dehydrator that same afternoon with a dedicated carrier, which was delivered the next morning.

After running the dehydrator for approximately one day, the plant informed me that they measured a significant reduction in the oil’s water contamination, so they said that they would continue to run the dehydrator as needed in order to maintain the detected water content at less than 100 PPM.Before and after oil samples

Although a brief recount without all the nitty-gritty details, suffice to say that this was another success story under my belt.

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— Paul, Technical Sales

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