Filter Element Cleaning

We can recover and rebuild all types, brands, and makes of sewn-end filters. You may send us the dirty filter if it is safe to handle. (Please provide us an MSDS.) We will take pride and utmost care of your spent filter by replacing the filter media and gaskets, saving you the cost of a new filter. PFP’s high standards helps you save money, and we can return your filter to you in factory shape.

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Rebuilds
  • Filter Refurbishing
  • Replacing Old Parts

Important Notes:

  • We highly suggest that you always keep a spare filter element on hand, so that you can use it temporarily when the one is being cleaned. That way you can keep everything running smooth and productive, with no down time.
  • If the filter has been subjected to hazardous service or used in environments or applications exceeding their design specifications, we cannot rebuild these filters. We request for safety reasons, that an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets,) or Certificates of Compliance are required before we can accept filter elements for recovery.

Filter Housing Reconditioning

Our Recondition/Refurbishing Program allows you to increase the service life of your equipment. Through the blasting and re-coating process your equipment will come back looking brand new and ready for many more years in service.


After Blasting

Finished Reconditioning