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  • System Faults & Mechanical Failures
  • Unplanned Turbine Downtime
  • Shortened Fluid Service Life
  • Shortened Component Service Life
  • Increased Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Lost Revenue & Productivity


  • Accelerated Mechanical Wear
  • Corrosion of Metal Surfaces
  • Loss of Lubricity
  • Additive Breakdown
  • Viscosity Varience
  • Bearing Failure


  • Fluid contamination of oil is the number one cause of component failures.
  • 70% – 75% of failures are related to surface degradation caused by mechanical wear.
  • Free and dissolved water and particulate matter in hydraulic and lubrication systems are the leading cause of mechanical wear.
  • Oil contamination leads to accelerated abrasive wear, corrosion of metal surfaces, increased electrical conductivity, viscosity variance, loss of lubricity, fluid additive breakdown, bearing failure, and more.
  • Unfiltered new oil is one of the major sources of contaminant.
  • It is vital that new oil is filtered to follow the required ISO 4406 cleanliness codes before it is introduced to the component.
  • Maintaining clean, dry oil will extend component and equipment life by up to 5 times the normal service life.

Precision Filtration Products’ Wind Turbine Fluid Services department offers our Gearbox and Hydraulic Oil Change-Out Program to help protect your fluid systems against mechanical failure due to poor oil quality. Our Gearbox and Hydraulic Oil Change-Out Program will help you meet or exceed the required oil cleanliness codes per ISO 4406.