Precision Filtration Products enables you to improve your bottom line, save time, reduce administrative costs, and increase your profits by participating in our guaranteed savings, Filtration Commodity Consolidation Program.

  • Filter Life
  • Process Quality
  • Maintenance & Installation
  • Administrative Burden
  • Energy Consumption
  • Delivery
  • Disposal
  • Packaging

Maximizing your company’s profitability requires minimizing the total cost of ownership. Precision Filtration Products is always competitive. More importantly, our total cost of ownership guarantees a minimum 10% savings overall. We are superior at helping our customers control hidden costs associated with filter equipment and filtration projects.

Our methods have allowed our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership for their filtration by as much as 45%!

Many companies exist that specialize in a single type of filtration, such as air filters or fluid power hydraulic filters. While companies may sell additional products, very few firms possess meaningful expertise in all aspects of filtration. Even critical process filtration can be managed by PFP to produce dramatic savings in both filter cost and process quality.

Consolidating suppliers has become a popular way to leverage buying power and reduce administrative burdens. Large companies often use hundreds of types of filters from scores of manufacturers. This makes the concept of total filtration an attractive solution. The challenge with consolidating filtration suppliers is two-fold.

  • Filters often protect people, processes, and equipment that are far more valuable than the filters themselves. The risk of harming production, quality, and productivity makes it important that a single-source supplier provides high-quality products and extensive expertise!
  • Few companies have the buying power and resources to be a cost-effective single source supplier for all types of filtration products!