Total Filtration Management is the active management of all aspects of filtration based on ongoing monitoring, scientific principles and customer priorities. Total Filtration Management is not simply selling some type of replacement for every filter that a company uses. It is the process of selecting products and managing their use to provide maximum quality and efficiency while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.

Total Filtration Management requires buying power, experience and expertise with all types of filtration. It creates value through economies of scale, reduced administrative burden and enhanced buying power. However, the greatest value is created by managing filter selection and usage to minimize Total Cost of Ownership. Total Filtration Management is a bundle of services that maximizes a customer’s profitability by managing costs.

We are committed to providing the finest available in products, services and support. Our sucess begins with a commitment to understanding your priorities and tailoring our services to serve you best. Our services vary as much as our customers do, but common services include:

  • Scientific management of filter selection and usage
  • Single-source supply and accountability
  • Full-time in-plant technical support
  • Inventory management, JIT and consignment
  • Filter kitting and logistics management
  • Air, liquid, and compressed air testing
  • Contaminant analysis, process quality support and dirt-in-plant studies
  • Training programs / continuing education
  • Filter installation, supervision and inspection
  • Waste reduction and recycling programs
  • Guaranteed cost reduction, even monthly billing and cost per unit or shared savings