PFPUSA supplies the highest quality water filtration equipment for commercial irrigation systems along with pumping stations and spare parts.  Our filtration systems provide high quality water to the irrigation systems preventing costly repairs and reducing downtime.  Our systems help prevent mineral build-up and algae/bacteria from contaminating the irrigation systems providing clean, fresh water to the crops.

PFPUSA provides water treatment products that help protect and preserve our environment, improve the efficiency or your operations, and improve the health of your family and home.

We offer solutions to some of the most common water treatment problems found in commercial applications. These problems result in a range of problems, including hard water, bacteria, other contaminants in your water supply, either used for irrigation or as drinking water.

Whatever the problem is, we have the solution when it comes to agricultural water treatment.

In addition to providing high quality filtration products, we can assist with the hard-to-find agricultural irrigation parts, such as carry sprinklers, drip tubing, pipes, flow meters, fittings, tanks, pumps, and much more.  We can custom design systems to meet the requirements.


As you explore our water treatment products, you will find that a great deal of time and energy has been spent in providing our customers with the best options available. By tapping into processes found in nature, like the coconut fiber used in place of the standard industry coal media typically used, we can offer solutions that are good for people as well as the planet.


If you are looking for superior results when choosing a pre-irrigation water treatment product from your agricultural business, you have found it. Our products protect your water, whether it be on the farm or at home, as well as your health, by delivering consistent and superior results. Our systems are designed to maximize performance, improve water quality, and provide low maintenance solutions to fit into your busy schedule.

Most Common Problems:

ProblemOur Solution
Hard Water
Scale Build-Up
“No-Salt Conditioner (De-Scaler)
Nexus (Softener with De-Scaler)”
Drinking Water QualityRevitalife (Reverse Osmosis System)
Staining and OdorsIron Shield with Toxin Guard
Bacteria / PathogensBacteria Shield
Low pHAcid Shield