Precision Filtration Products offers a variety of diagnostic equipment in our Filter Systems product line. Some can be integrated in-line into an existing hydraulic system to monitor contamination levels in real time. Others can be utilized as a portable service unit for temporary monitoring. All hydraulic particle counters feature the ability to download measurements for further processing.

Determining your fluid quality is a very important step to maintaining your equipment, protecting your most critical components, and reducing downtime and costly repairs.

On-Line Liquid Particle Counters

HIAC ROC remote particle counters are constructed for harsh environments.  The HIAC ROC excels in high pressure and high temperature applications and offers carefree maintenance.  Serving a wide range of oil analysis and mobile applications, multi-point system monitoring as well as point-of-use applications.

Portable Liquid Particle Counters

The HIAC PODS liquid particle counter is the industry’s fastest and most intuitive portable liquid particle counter in the world.  Receive immediate oil analysis laboratory grade particle counting results in the field when you use the HIAC PODS.  The HIAC PODS offers eight channels of accuracy ensuring your view the entire particle contamination profile and protecting the equipment from contamination failure.


Understanding ISO Codes Target ISO Cleanliness Codes