Tech Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Use Teflon Tape

August 19th, 2011
Don't Use Teflon Tape | Precision Filtration Products

Don’t Use Teflon Tape

Do you use Teflon tape in the piping of your hydraulic applications? Teflon tape has been a fixture in many tool boxes for years. And for years it has had the potential to inject debris into oil systems, which has caused numerous problems.

Scenario: Imagine a mechanic using Teflon tape to seal a connection on a critical hydraulic system. Now imagine that pieces of Teflon tape are ground into small particles when the piping connection is made. These small particles are carried downstream, where they get caught in a servo valve. Eventually, the clogged valve causes the plant to shut down temporarily.

If that happened to you, how much would it cost you in lost production, repair costs, and lost opportunity? All because someone used a $1.00 roll of Teflon tape.

If you can, try to engineer out of your hydraulic systems all tapered threads. If this can not be done, try using a liquid thread sealing compound. You should only use Teflon tape as a last resort, while making sure that you use the plumbers rule: one and a half turns; one and a half threads back.

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