Success Story: Custom Combustion Air Intake Filter

February 11th, 2011

Have you ever had to deal with someone’s unfiltered exhaust fumes?

Custom Industrial Air Filter | Precision Filtration Products
Custom Incinerator Industrial Air Filter

One of our recent customers had a problem with their industrial park neighbor, whose exhaust fans were discharging fibrous materials into the air. As a result, the customer’s combustion air intakes were sucking in contaminated air, causing the air sensing equipment on their incinerators to produce incorrect readings.

What do you think was the best way to solve this problem? The company thought they should replace the inlet rain hoods with some kind of intake air filter, but they were concerned with the lack of space and they wanted to maintain a low air pressure drop. The intake air velocity could’ve be as high as 2,000 feet per minute, but the pressure drop couldn’t exceed 0.25 inches (H²O) on two units and 0.10 inches (H²O) on the others. Also, the inlet pipe flanges were not built to industry standard sizes.

In order to help them out, we designed a custom air intake that matched the hole-pattern of the existing flanges and that fit between the tight spaces of the current equipment. Our design provided an added benefit by providing a method to not interrupt the air flow when installing replacement filter elements. Their new air filtration unit not only achieved the customer’s goals, but it exceeded their expectations by providing an even lower pressure drop than the original rain hood!

Are you an industrial buyer or an engineer looking to solve a complex filtration problem? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to help you achieve your goals!

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