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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Industrial Filters & Filtration Systems

Precision Filtration Products provides a complete line of filtration systems and separation equipment for processing industrial fluids, machine tool coolant, oil-water mixtures, and air-gas mixtures. Our industrial filtration products can separate two immiscible liquids, as well as provide filtration and separation of liquids from air-gas.

Of particular interest in the industrial filter marketplace is Facet's patented coalescing-plate technology, which allows for extremely efficient oil-water separation without the use of consumables like filter elements, coalescing pads, or absorbents. In addition, with the MPak modular design, it is extremely easy to install with existing tanks, pits, and vaults.

We provide high-quality filtration products for the following industries:

  • Aluminum Can Manufacturing
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Painting
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Service Stations
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Fast Lubes
  • and many more!

Various Applications

Industrial Liquid Filtration - Liquid filtration is the removal of solids from liquids by flowing the contaminated liquid through a filter media that will retain the solids and allow only clean product to pass through.

Liquid-Liquid Coalescing & Separation - Three basic designs of cartridge-type coalescers are available for filter applications in chemical processing. They are comprised of single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage units where one, two, or three types of filter cartridges are provided.

Absorptive Filtration - Facet's Go-No-Go (GNG) absorptive cartridges perform two jobs with one filter cartridge. They absorb water and remove solids reliably and efficiently.

Adsorbtive Filtration - Facet's specially-selected carbon has a large surface area and a porous structure. It also has a high rate of adsorptive capacity for the effective removal of solutes.

Air-Gas Separation - Air-Gas filtration may be defined as the art of removing solid particulate matter from dry air-gas streams to filter dust and other abrasive solid particulate matter from the air-gas stream.

All-Purpose Housing - We provide all-purpose filter housings and filter vessels for any industrial application.

Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories - We also have many parts and accessories such as industrial fasteners in order to retro-fit any existing filter equipment!

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