ASME Pressure Vessel Rescues Cookies at Industrial Bakery?

April 14th, 2011

Sorry, I was just kidding about the cookies. But seriously, an industrial bakery?! It’s probably one of the last places you would think need some filters, but it’s true…

ASME Pressure Vessel Housing with Filter-Separator

ASME Pressure Vessel

This particular customer of mine was having issues with a batch of poor quality natural gas. The dirty gas was causing severe performance issues with some critical ovens because it was contaminated with hydrocarbons and moisture. They didn’t have many options from which to choose. Luckily, they decided to see what solutions we recommended.

After assessing the bakery’s problem in more detail, we suggested that they use a specific high-performance 175-PSIG ASME-code pressure vessel to filter the natural gas. This particular filter vessel contained a coalescing filter-separator element that is designed for removing both water and particulate (in this case, the hydrocarbons). After the bakery installed the pressure vessel, they noticed a significant reduction in the contamination level of the natural gas. Now they’re well-prepared for any low-quality gas that may come in the future, and they’re certainly not anticipating any unplanned outages or downtime in production anytime soon.

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