Notes From the Field: Matt Reports Another Flushing Success Story

March 11th, 2020

75 GPM Flushing SkidOne of our utility suppliers called us with the need to transfer oil from one holding tank to another holding tank. Tank “A” was filled with approximately 2,200 gallons of contaminated oil. The customer wanted to transfer the oil to tank “B” which was located 400 feet away, and then have tank “A” cleaned.

We delivered on-site a spill containment, a 75-GPM flushing skid, a laser particle counter, and an automatic hose reel, all within a mere 8 hours of receiving the order. We assisted with the set-up and showed the customer how to use the particle counter.

After only two days the customer had all the oil transferred, recirculated the oil in tank “B” with the flushing skid, and cleaned out tank “A” as well. The particle counter allowed the them to take the oil samples and see the cleanliness of the oil as it improved, until it reached their desired cleanliness level according to the ISO 4406 standard.

Another happy customer, another success!

— Matt @ PFP

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