Crane Company Curtails Contamination with Vacuum Dehydrator

March 19th, 2020

VDOPS Vacuum Dehydrator at crane customerA local crane company had a loss of functionality due to water freezing in hydraulic lines; they called us in a panic. The only 200-ton crane in their fleet was unable to lift anything. We loaded up on a service truck a VDOPS-004, one of our 20-GPM vacuum dehydrators, and we hit the road running. With temperatures peaking in the high teens, this was no easy task.

When we arrived at their industrial facility where the crane was stored, we hooked the dehydrator up to a tow-behind generator and started moving oil. With the temperatures so low and the crane in an unheated building, it took some time to get the unit up to the target temperature of 150°F. And as the unit was cleaning the crane’s oil reservoir, our technicians scoured the exterior of the crane looking for the source/sources of the water ingression.

After a long 12-hour day, we were able to condition the oil and we found where the water was getting into the crane. The customer was able to use the crane the very next day and meet their customer’s needs!

Another happy customer, another success!

— Matt @ PFP

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