Success Story: Natural Gas Utility Company Saves 40% On Coalescing Filter Replacements

October 26th, 2010

Success Story!

Old Coalescing Filter | Precision Filtration Products

Old Coalescing Filter

We recently met with a natural gas utility company to check out the filtration products used at one of their compression facilities. Their inlet coalescing unit had a custom filter vessel installed that used three coalescing filters, each with a height of 21.25 inches (~54 centimeters) and an outside diameter of 27.25 inches (~69 centimeters). The company wasn’t pleased with the price they were paying for replacement filter elements, and they didn’t want to change the filter housing, so they asked us for some options to reduce the facility’s operating cost.

So what happened?

New Coalescing Filter | Precision Filtration Products

New Coalescing Filter

The utility company already had a bunch of OEM filters set aside, so by the time the next change-out arrived, we brought one of the used coalescing filter elements to our headquarters for an in-depth analysis. We determined that we could provide their replacement filters at their precise dimensions and filtration efficiency, but at a much lower cost.

Now, that utility company is one of our loyal customers, satisfied with a 40% savings on filters for their particular application. In addition, they are also saving tremendously by consolidating all of their filter purchases through us.

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