Airport Jet Fuel Piping Flush

February 7th, 2024

Filtering jet fuel at airportWe were recently contacted by a 3rd party contractor for assistance with a Jet Fuel Piping Flush at an Airport in the Northeast. After reviewing the project requirements and process specifications we were able to prescribe the appropriate Filtration Technology.

With Aviation Fuel Quality being critical in nature, it was imperative to specify technology required to meet ASTM 1655 Standards. This speaks specifically to the removal of both water and particulate contamination.

The ultimate solution we specified from our extensive Rental Fleet was a 3,000 GPM Aviation Fuel Filtration skid. The skid package consisted of a Pre-Filter for particulate removal followed by a Coalescer/Separator to remove any potential water contamination. 10” gate valves were also provided to isolate the Filters vessels from the upstream and downstream manifolds.

The filter elements we suggested to achieve the ASTM 1655 requirements were as follows:

Pre-Filter: 1µ Microfilter – EI 1590 Qualified

Coalescer: Qualified to EI 1581, 6th Edition, Category C

Separator: Synthetic Media, Qualified to EI 1581, 6th Edition, Category C


Jet fuel filtration system rental


Designed properly, this system design allowed the contractor to flush the Fuel Piping under the tarmac at the target flow rate of 2,400 GPM (10’ per second), while maintaining the required fuel quality on the upstream side of the Filter Skid.

In addition to having the components in stock and mobilizing for rapid delivery, PFP provided on-site support. We were able to assist in the operation and maintenance of the filtration skid. We also assisted in the operation of the flow meter and helped to trouble shoot real-time operation challenges.

Jet fuel filtration system rental


Ultimately PFP was able to communicate with Contractor, Port Authority, Airport, and Fuel Service officials to deliver the Filtration System and support that was a critical piece in achieving a successful Jet Fuel Pipe Flush.

Do you have any questions or comments about jet fuel filtration methods or about our industrial filter rental options?

Give us a call and ask to speak to me directly, or send us an RFQ and mention my name.

— Todd, Technical Sales

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