We provide a full range of mobile filtration systems to meet every critical industrial filtration need, available for purchase and as filtration rental equipment. Our most popular systems, our portable filter carts, are ideal for use in industrial plants and with many other applications because they are versatile, reliable, and portable. A portable filter cart can be used to filter nearly any type of hydraulic fluid, including insulating oils, lubricating oils, and coolants.

How would you like to completely customize your mobile filtration system to meet your needs? We can do that for you too. Our systems are perfect for removing particulate and water contamination from hydraulic fluids, such as high-viscosity lubricating oil. A filter cart can also help transfer and replenish new fluids, as well as flush fluids that are already in service with high-efficiency elements.

Our mobile filter systems can handle flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM all the way to higher flow rates (such as 5 GPM, 10 GPM, and 22 GPM) that are required in most industrial applications. We offer a large variety of materials and types of construction, including stainless steel and explosion-proof options!


  • Particulate and Water Removal
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Maintenance
  • Gearbox Flushing & Oil Change
  • Filtration System Upgrades
  • Turbine Oil Conditioning
  • Refinery Upset Conditions
  • Complete System Flushing
  • Varnishing
  • Liquid Coalescing and Separating
  • High Viscosity Lubrication and Hydraulic Oils
  • Transfer and Replenishment of New Fluids
  • Going Green – Reusing Oil and Existing Machinery Life


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