Success Story: Emergency Rental Filter Saves Manufacturer at Plastics Trade Show

May 21st, 2012

Portable Hydraulic Oil Filter Cart with Spin-On FiltersIt was early Wednesday morning when I received a call from a prospect named Tom. He found PFP on the Internet while searching for filter carts. He was working for a company in the mid-west that manufactures machinery for processing plastic and rubber products, such as injection molding and extrusions. Many of their customers come from the automotive, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. Anyway, they had a big trade show coming up the following week, and they needed to know how to use a filter cart to display particulate being filtered out of the hydraulic oil in one of their injection molding machines. They wanted to show how to properly maintain the oil quality in their equipment.

Based on their request, I recommended to Tom that they go with our 5-GPM Dual-Stage Filter Cart, with spin-on filters, which were perfect for the viscosity range of their lubricating oil, Mobil DTE25. This particular oil has a kinematic viscosity of 44.200 cSt at 40°C and 6.650 cSt at 100°C. The recommended viscosity range for the spin-on filters that I suggested is 6 cSt to 400 cSt. So, like I said, the spin-on filters were perfect for their application. Initially, Tom was so enticed that he offered to buy the cart in full, but due to the time constraint, I suggested that we provide it as an emergency rental instead, with the option to purchase it after the trade show. Tom agreed, and I immediately began to put together the order.

The next day after I received Tom’s order, I made sure that the filter cart was shipped out ASAP. The company received it on time, and they were able to take it to the trade show and show it off the whole time. Tom was so happy with the filter cart rental that, 2 weeks after returning it, he placed an order to purchase an 11-GPM version of the same model that we had rented to him. I felt proud that our team was able to help Tom’s company so quickly when they had a small emergency. We made sure to have the filter cart prepared and shipped out the day after it was ordered, which is a service that is hard to find. We make sure to keep in stock this type of rental equipment because we just know that someone from somewhere is going to call us with a similar urgency. Onward to the next filtration challenge!

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