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August 18th, 2011
Wartsila Natural Gas Engine at Power Plant | Precision Filtration Products

Wartsila Natural Gas Engine

Are you making sure to buy your filter elements and systems from a domestic source? One of our recent customers was a power plant that was operating multiple Wartsila natural gas engines. They came to us to see if we could provide an engine lube oil filter that was made in the USA. They were tired of dealing with the long lead times and high costs for the original filter elements, which were coming all the way from Europe. How did we respond? Yes, we can do that!

In order to properly spec out a replacement, the customer provided an original sample for us to reverse engineer. We conducted various tests on the OEM filter in order to determine its micron rating and to verify its filtration efficiency. After taking measurements and testing thoroughly, we were able to provide an interchange that matched the performance of the original filter element.

By now, it’s been several months since the installation, and we’ve received feedback that our natural gas filter replacements have been successfully maintaining the oil quality at the power plant. The customer now has enjoys the benefit of a lower cost per filter element and lower shipping fees, all while still being able to meet or exceed their oil cleanliness goal.

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