Saved an International Airport with Jet-A Fuel Filters

February 18th, 2011

After years of solicitation, I finally got the filter business of an international airport! Here’s my story…

Jet Fuel Filter Separator Vessel

Jet Fuel Filter Separator Vessel

My big break came from the airport’s fuel tank farm manager. He called me because he was going through jet fuel filters so quickly that his current supplier couldn’t keep him stocked. Actually, he was using up not just the pre-filter’s particulate cartridges, but also the down-stream filter coalescers as well, which are relatively expensive to replace. I decided to investigate further by asking a few more questions. He explained that the jet fuel was very dirty, and he figured that the frequent filter change-outs were the culprit of the heavy solids found in the fuel. As we discussed his current filter setup in detail, he informed me that both the housing particulate elements of both the pre-filter housing and the coalescer-separators were rated at 5-micron. Well, therein lied the problem!

When dealing with solid contamination in jet fuel, it is much less expensive to use a tighter pre-filter to remove dirt contamination than to making the coalescer-separator act as the “particulate” filter. I suggested to the fuel tank farm manager to try our 2 micron pre-filter particulate cartridges in place of his current 5-micron filter elements. He took my suggestion, and even three weeks later he hadn’t changed a single set of coalescer elements!

Since the airport installed our pre-filters, they’ve been replacing the 2-micron pre-filters much less frequently than the original 5-micron filters. The manager also reported that the new pre-filters were easier to change, and by not having to deal with the coalescer housings they were saving more labor hours as well. All in all, it’s been a win-win situation between our companies. My customer is continuously saving time and money, and I gained the business and the trust of a new customer.

Do you have any questions or comments about jet fuel filtration or about our industrial filter rentals?

Give us a call and ask to speak to me directly, or send us an RFQ and mention my name.

— Charlie, Technical Sales

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