How We Removed Bacteria and Metal from Water at a Funeral Home

January 3rd, 2012
EasyWater Iron Shield Hard Water Conditioner

EasyWater Iron Shield

Have you ever had contaminated well-water at your home? How about “hard” public city water at the office? Did you know that there are alternative ways to properly condition and filter your water supply?

At a recent school fund-raiser, I ran into an owner of a local funeral home who had an issue with water contamination in his well-water supply. After a brief discussion, I learned that the well water was contaminated with coliform bacteria. The owner of the funeral home was looking for a quick and easy solution to remove the coliform from the public water supply. The timing could not have been better. We had just finalized a distributor agreement with a company called Frieji EasyWater, enabling us to provide a variety of solutions for commercial water conditioning for both well-water and city-water.

Before we could recommend an appropriate solution to his problem, we opted to first test the water for other issues. It was a good thing we did. In addition to the coliform contamination, we found high amounts of iron and other metals in the water. Needless to say, the funeral home also had “hard water” (excess mineral content), which was causing staining in the sinks and toilets, and scale build-up in the piping and in the faucet aerators.


EasyWater No-Salt Electronic Water Conditioner

EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner

Good thing for the funeral home, Frieji helped us to handle all of their problems. In response to the owner’s original concern, the coliform bacteria, we suggested the EasyWater Bacteria Shield. The Bacteria Shield uses a targeted range of ultraviolet light (UV) that inactivates harmful pathogens and prevents bacterial contamination. In order to fix the water hardness we suggested the EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner. The No-Salt Conditioner uses “electronic scale-control” technology to reduce hard water scale build-up. It works by applying a small electrical charge to the water molecules, thus dissolving existing scale and preventing scale from building up. As for the excess iron, we suggested the EasyWater Iron Shield. The Iron Shield injects air into a proprietary filtration media that eliminates contaminants along with undesirable iron stains, foul tastes, and odors.

The owner of the funeral home ultimately decided to go with everything that we suggested. We scheduled a date to do the installation and a few days later our service team showed up in person. We had everything up and running in under 3 hours. The owner was very happy and now he wants us to help him out with his other funeral home locations. Success once again… with a little help from our friends over at EasyWater. Thanks guys!

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