Power-Gen Purges Particulate from Turbine Oil

April 8th, 2020

Vacuum dehydrator used at power generation planWe recently found out about a power generation company on the East Coast that needed a temporary filtration system to remove water and particulate contamination from turbine oil. They were actually planning an outage 1 month later, so we were able to meet their needs and put on reserve our recommended solution, a vacuum dehydrator oil purification system (the one pictured to the left). We delivered the vacuum dehydrator on time, with 3-micron Beta-1000 filters elements and temporary spill containment, and I personally assisted with the initial start-up process.

On site we connected the vacuum dehydrator to their gas turbine reservoir, which held approximately 200 gallons of turbine oil. After several days in operation, they were able to meet their cleanliness targets for acceptable water content and particulate levels. The vacuum dehydrator was left running connected to the gas turbine reservoir for 10 days.

After using the system on the gas turbine we then transferred it to a steam turbine, with a reservoir of approximately 2,000 gallons, to filter and dehydrate its oil as well. The power generation company is now experiencing comparable results, reduction in both moisture and particulates, in the steam turbine as well.

Another happy customer, another success!

— Paul @ PFP

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