Refinery Receives On-Site Filtration of Jet-A Fuel

July 14th, 2020

Jet fuel clay treaterWe recently received a call from a Refinery in the Pacific Northwest that was dealing with a JET A Fuel quality issue. Specifically, the fuel was failing to meet the required JFTOT specification. After examination of test results, it was found that the 58,000-barrel tank of fuel had high levels of fine particulate contamination in addition to the JFTOT issue. 32% of the particulates were found to be <0.3μ in size with JFTOT levels reading at >4.

After reviewing the application details and the quality goals we were able to design a solution based off of historical successes we have had when addressing similar quality issues. Two filtration technologies were utilized to combat the specific contaminates and provide an effluent quality that passed the necessary testing. A PFP pre-filter Rental Vessel equipped with High efficiency (BETA 5,000 @ 0.3μ) was installed upstream of the existing Clay Treater. These Particulate Filters in conjunction with Clay Media proved effective in achieving all quality goals.

Target Quality Goals:

JFTOT: < 3

Particulate: < 1 mg/L

Initially Tank Test Results:

Tank A:UpperMiddleLower
Particulate, mg/L (spec 1.0mg/L)7.653.154.30
JFTOT @275’C (spec < 3)4P4P> 4

Particulate pre-filter at liquid terminal


Results of the first sample after the filtration system:

JFTOT: < 1

Particulate: 0.29 mg/L

Several Clay Filter change-outs were required to address the entire 58,000 barrels of product with only one set of pre-filters. Ultimately the entire tank passed all quality tests and was able to be moved.


It is important to note that an attempt to blend 5% of the off-spec fuel with certified JET A was not successful in reducing the JFTOT number. We have found this to be the case with most similar applications in the past. PFP has the technology and experience to provide swift, and cost-effective solutions to not only JET A quality issues, but many other liquids as well.

Do you have any questions or comments about jet fuel filtration or about our industrial filtration equipment rentals?

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— Todd, Technical Sales

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