High Velocity Flush of Hydraulic Power Units

July 6th, 2015

In the fall, PFPUSA had a customer call in to rent one of our Hydraulic Flushing Skids to flush a hydraulic system.  Their client had four old hydraulic power units (HPU)s that needed to rebuilt and flushed.

Hydraulic Power Unit After Rebuild and Flush

HPU before rebuild and flush

The hydraulic power units are a critical piece of equipment in the production process. The units supply power to the friction welders, which build the drive shafts. Needless to say, the HPUs play an important role in the production process.

The problem was that the units were running extremely hot, causing the company to make repairs frequently, sometimes daily. This lead to costly downtime and required the HPUs to be repaired immediately.

With a quick turnaround required, PFP shipped a 75 GPM Flushing Skid to flush the hydraulic lines and steel pipe fittings. By incorporating our Absolute Rated Microglass Filter Cartridges, the customer was able to achieve their target ISO code in a timely manner.


ISO Code Print Out

PODS In addition to the flushing skid, we provided our Portable Online Diagnostic System (PODs) in order to verify that the target ISO Code was achieved. Utilizing the PODs unit allowed our customer to determine when they achieved their target ISO Code on-site. No need to send an oil sample out to be tested.

The end result was four completely rebuilt and flushed Hydraulic Power Units and ultimately a happy customer!

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