Heavy Equipment Service Center – Oil Cleanliness

May 5th, 2015

LSF Filter UnitsAchieving target oil cleanliness levels when maintaining and repairing heavy equipment is critical to maximizing component life.

Recently we developed a specific plan and provided the filtration components to allow a local company to achieve their oil quality goals throughout the entire facility.

LargHydraulic Cartridge Housingse cartridge filter housings were provided to not only filter inbound oil, but also to provide kidney-loop or “multi-pass” capabilities in each oil storage reservoir. We then provided point-of-use filter housings at each hose reel and dispensing point throughout the plant. This combination ensures that oil will be filtered ever time it is transferred.

Adequately sized filters constructed with high efficiency, “absolute rated” filter media will provide significant dirt holding capacity, as well as, target ISO Cleanliness Codes. In addition, differential pressure indicators and electrical connections were provided to ensure filters will be changed-out as efficiently as possible, providing an even greater cost savings.

Give us a call at 888.679.6645 to discuss how we can help you improve your oil quality and maximize your equipment life.

Hydraulic Cartridge Housings with Electronic Differential Gauges

Hydraulic Cartridge Housings with Electronic Differential Gauges

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