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October 25th, 2010
Portable Filter Cart (Pneumatic Powered) | Precision Filtration Products

Portable Filter Cart (Pneumatic Powered)

Contaminated oil is often the culprit! Even so-called “new” oil contains levels of contamination that can shorten both oil life and equipment service life, resulting in unwanted costly repairs. A simple yet comprehensive oil quality program that incorporates our high efficiency mobile filtration equipment can quickly pay for itself by eliminating just one critical equipment failure.

Precision Filtration Products specializes in designing and building custom mobile filtration equipment for transferring new oil, extending oil and equipment service life, and achieving and maintaining critical ISO cleanliness codes in hydraulic and lube oil systems. Spin-on or cartridge filters, single or multi-stage, pneumatic or electric power, we’ll make it precisely to your specifications.

Is your application for a fluid other than oil? We’ve got you covered. From hydraulic reservoir maintenance, lube oil or turbine oil conditioning, oil flushing, liquid coalescing and separating, filtering water, glycol filtration, fuel filtering, pipeline pigging, to refinery upset conditions. We can customize a filtration system to utilize filter bag or cartridge housings, oil-water coalescer separators, vacuum dehydration, and much more.

Do you have an emergency situation? We also offer our systems as emergency RENTALS! Make sure to contact us today! Our friendly team is standing by ready to help you out.

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